Afro-Qbamigos!:アフロキューバミーゴス!Afro-Qbamigos! is a unique Latin jazz combo that formed in April '99. As its name suggests, the band boasts a genuine Latin jazz feel, based on Afro-Cuban rhythms. The group's music is like a descarga or Cuban jam-session featuring the explosive percussion of Afro rhythms, the jazzy improvisation of its horn section and subtle yet fearless piano ad-libbing.

Without breaking up fundamental Afro rhythms, the band's leader, Luis Valle, demonstrates the flexibility of his musical identity by adding spicy elements of other forms of roots music such as blues, bossa nova and funk to create a constantly evolving musical world: the world of Afro-Qbamigos!

This world is home not just to Latin musicians, but also to jazz, Brazilian and even rock players: an indication of the band's broad generational appeal.