About LUIS

Luis Valle1Luis Valle2 His trumpet sound is reminiscent of the clear sky of a tropical island, sunny, bright and capable of burning. Every performance is unforgettable with a dynamic atmosphere and a dance-inducing beat that shows his ancestors originally came from Africa.
 Luis was born on the 26th of April 1972 in Havana, Cuba, the youngest of very musical brothers. He studied piano and trumpet in Havana, first at Guillermo Thomas Music School and then at Amadio Rodan High School, from where the famous Gonzalo Rubalcaba (pianist) and Jesus Alemany (trumpeter) graduated.

 In 1993, Luis and three of his brothers formed their own band called "Yumuri y sus hermanos". Their debut number "Crocodrido de agua sala" was No.1 in the Cuban hit parade for 10 weeks, incredibly, breaking a record for a new band.

Luis Valle3 In October 1994, the band came to Japan and played at the Cuban Restaurant in Shibuya for 4 months and built a good reputation among Japanese Music Lovers. Luis moved to Japan in 1997 and in the following year formed his own band "Tropicante" with the best Latin-loving Japanese musicians in Tokyo.

 Luis is the first top class cuban musician to settle permanently in Japan, where he is causing a sensation, not only in salsa, but also in the wider music world where he is talking the role of promoting Cuban music.

 In 1999 Luis played as a soloist with his brother's band "Maraca y Otra Vision", and together they traveled all over Europe and the West Coast of the USA. Maraca, his brother, was a former member of the famous Cuban jazz band "Irakere". The tour went successfully with Luis's powerful high-notes on trumpet major feature.

 On the albums of Maraca, "Havana Calling", "Formula Uno” and "Descarga Total" which were sold throughout the world, Luis showed his great ability as a trumpeter and received solid reviews from the American Music Magazine "Latin Beat".